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Determining the Antagonistic Potential of Lactobacilli Isolated from Commercial Curd Samples against the E. coli

Rahul Verma, Jagriti Sharma, Akhand Pratap Singh


Curd has always been an important source exhibiting a plethora of Lactobacilli. Lactobacilli are rod-shaped bacteria, capable of producing short-chain fatty acids, lactate, and acetate by carbohydrate fermentation process. A study was done to determine the antimicrobial activity of isolated and identified Lactobacilli bacteria from commercial curd samples against standard strains of E. coli. All the 10 samples were found have lactobacilli strains. The antagonistic activity of these strains was seen by preparing the serial dilution of Mcfarland standard # 1.0, serial dilution 1.0 was shown to produce maximum zone of inhibition followed by the suspensions of 1/10 and1/100.


Curd, lactobacilli, bacteria, antimicrobial activity, E. coli

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