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Concepts, Functionalities and Applications of Dietary Fiber in Foods and Therapeutics

D. Amirtham, Anil Dahuja, Shelly Praveen, Sweta kumari, Minnu Sasi, Arpitha S.R.


Dietary fiber was well researched over recent decades, and its health advantages have been shown abundantly. Food technologists as well as scientists investigated the dietary fiber applications for a range of food products by analyzing and utilizing fibers, such as agro-food by-products processing, from different uncommon and conventional sources. In the diet, dietary fiber is the plant material part, which is resistant to enzymatic digestion that includes non cellulosic polysaccharides, cellulose for instance non-carbohydrate component lignin, mucilages, gums, pectic substances, and hemicellulose. Fiber-rich foods, for example vegetables, fruit, nuts, and cereals have a significant impact on health, as they have a reduced rate of diseases. Dietary fiber may be utilized in different functional foods such as meat products, beverages, drinks, bakery etc. The effect of various manufacturing processes (such as frying, boiling, grinding, canning, extrusion-cooking) modifies and enhances dietary fiber's physical and chemical characteristics. An attempt has been made to compile the concepts, recent extraction methods, functions and applications of dietary fiber in various food products.


Functional foods, dietary fiber, food matrix, extraction, soluble fiber

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