Fruit Yield Production Potential of Tomato Genotypes during Summer Season

A. Biswas, M. S. Islam, S. Dey, R. Roy


The aim of this experiment was to investigate heat tolerance of tomato genotypes (C11, C21, C41, C71, WP10, FP5 and HT025) during summer under Sylhet condition. The experiment was laid out in randomized complete block design with three replications. The highest number of branches per plant was recorded in C71 (15.41) and lowest was recorded in WP10 (2.43). Stem diameter ranged from C51 (4.29 cm) to C71 (3.11 cm). The variation of days to first flowering among the genotypes ranged from 40.33 to 45.00 days. The earliest flowering was observed in the genotype C51 (40.33) where C11, C41 and FP5 have consequent flowering. The maximum and minimum number of flowers per cluster was recorded from the genotype C41 (10.10) and WP10 (5.60), respectively. Flower clusters per plant in the present experiment ranged from 8.67 to 31.44 which were higher than the reported result. Days to first fruit set among the genotypes ranged from 47.33 to 54.33 days. It was found that the genotype C21 produced maximum number of fruit (20.90) per plant and WP10 produced the minimum number of fruit per plant (12.53). Among the eight genotypes, four genotypes (C11, C51, C71 and WP10) showed their flesh color light red while the rest genotypes (C21, C41, FP5 and HT025) showed red colors flesh. The genotypes (C21, C41, C51 and HT025) were high in juiciness and the genotypes (C11 and C71) had low juice into the fruit while the rest two genotypes (WP10 and FP5) had medium juiciness. The highest pericarp thickness (7.4 mm) was recorded in the genotype C71 while lowest was recorded in the genotype FP5 (5.3 mm). Earliest harvest operation was done from genotype C51 (72 days) and late harvest done from genotype C71 (85.33 days). Plant of all varieties started fruit maturity within 76.22–91.31 days after transplanting. The longest (5.86 cm) fruit was produced by the genotype WP10 and shortest fruit was produced from the genotype C51 (3.50 cm). The lower number of locule (2) per fruit was recorded in FP5. The highest total soluble solid (TSS) was recorded from C71 (5.53) and lowest TSS was found in the genotype WP10 (4.19). Among the tomato genotypes, yield ranged from 12.92 to 25.16 t per ha. The highest fruit weight (65.33 g) was found in the genotype WP10 and lowest fruit weight (23.33 g) was obtained from the variety FP5. The genotype C21 yielded the highest 0.74 kg per plant and the genotype C41 and HT025 was statistically close as the next high yielding genotype of 0.73 kg/plant. The genotype FP5 yielded the minimum 0.38 kg per plant. The genotype C21 produced the highest yield of 25.16 t per ha which was closely followed by C41 (24.82 t/ha) and the genotype FP5 produced the lowest yield of 13.92 t/ha.


Keywords: Genotype, tomato, summer season and yield


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Biswas A, Islam MS, Dey S et al.Fruit Yield Production Potential of Tomato Genotypes During Summer Season. Research & Reviews: Journal of Food Science and Technology. 2017; 6(2): 16–22p.

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