Diet and Dalliance Directives in Ayurveda for Allergic Rhinitis with Special Reference to Peenas

Shalinee Kumari Mishra, Dharmendra  Mishra, Hitesh  A.  Vyas


Allergic rhinitis (Peenas) affects up to 40% of the population worldwide. High prevalence is being recorded in the developed nations of the Northern Hemisphere, with 23–30% affected population in Europe and 12–30% in the USA. The prevalence of seasonal AR is higher in children and adolescents, while perennial AR seems to be more common in adults. There is very little inter-racial variations implying that environmental factors seem have a greater influence than genetic differences. Increased urbanization and improvement in living standards especially in the developing regions have increased exposure to a variety of indoor and outdoor pollutants and allergens, all contributing to the increased prevalence. Climatic factors may directly affect the presenting symptoms or indirectly through allergens, sensitizing agents and population lifestyle. This article explores the diet and dalliance helpful to prevent as well as to cure the allergic rhinitis i.e. Peenas described in Ayurveda.


Keywords: Allergic rhinitis, Apathya, Lifestyle, Peenas, Pathya

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Shalinee Kumari Mishra, Dharmendra Mishra, Hitesh A Vyas.Diet andDalliance Directives in Ayurveda for Allergic Rhinitis with Special Reference to Peenas. Research & Reviews: Journal of Food Science and Technology. 2017; 6(1): 15–19p.

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