Cronobacter sakazakii and Its Significance in Dairy Industry

Jinal Chaudhari, Sreeja V


Cronobacter sakazakii is an emerging opportunistic human pathogen of immense importance to food industry. The organism is found to be responsible for life-threatening bacterial infections such as necrotizing enterocolitis, bacteremia, and meningitis in neonates and infants with a high mortality rate. It has the ability to form biofilms and can survive in desiccated environments such as milk powder, powdered infant formulae for long period of time. It possesses antibiotic resistance towards a number of antibiotics. Its ubiquitous nature and presence in milk and milk products further increases its significance in dairy industry.

Keywords: Cronobacter sakazakii, milk and milk products, detection, dairy industry, control strategies

Cite this Article Chaudhari J, Sreeja V. Cronobacter sakazakii and its significance in dairy industry. Research & Reviews: Journal of Food Science and Technology. 2017; 6(3): 1–7p. 

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