White Wine Clarification using Ceramic Membranes and Composites by Microfiltration

Kélen Cristofoli, Venina dos Santos, C.P. Bergmann, Mara Zen


Microfiltration and tangential ultrafiltration applied to wine filtration have become important alternatives to the conventional filtration processes in the wine industry, to obtain beverage with acceptable characteristics for the consumer and viable for industries. Therefore, white wine permeability tests were performed in this work using α-alumina ceramic membranes and composite membranes (ceramic polymer) in order to determine the influence of the structure of the filter media in the permeate white wine flow, as well as evaluating the presence of solid residues in the wine resulting of its clarification.

Keywords:Separation process, membrane, polyamide 66, white wine,α-alumina

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Kélen Cristofoli, Venina dos Santos, C.P. Bergmann, Mara Zeni. White Wine Clarification Using Ceramic Membranes andComposites by Microfiltration.Research & Reviews: Journal of Food Science and Technology. 2016, 5(3): 1–11p.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.37591/rrjofst.v5i3.457


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