Effect of Microwave Drying on Chemical Composition of Some Leafy Vegetables

Ibrahim T. A., Omosuli S. V., Oloye D. A.


Three selected edible leafy vegetables (Vernonia amygdalina, Ocimum gratissimum and Telfeiria occidentalis) were microwaved to dryness, crushed to powder and analyzed for their proximate, mineral and vitamin C composition. It was investigated that their proximate composition varied between 10.0% to 13.0% (moisture), 10.0% to 20.0% (ash), 1.5% to 3.5% (crude fiber), 10.5% to 19.0% (crude fat), 0.3% to 1.6% (crude protein), 54.2% to 66.3% (carbohydrate) and 314.0 kcal to 389.0 kcal (energy value). The minerals analyzed were Na, Ca, K, Fe and Mg. Results obtained show that all the vegetables had high mineral contents ranging between the limits of 48.92 mg/100g in Na (V. amygdalina) and 268.00 mg/100g in Mg (T. occidentalis) except Fe which was relatively low ranging from 14.53 mg/100g to 33.87 mg/100g respectively. The vitamin C content was 276.0 mg/10 g, 188.6 mg/100 g and 593.4 mg/100g for V. amygdalina, O. gratissimum and T. occidentalis respectively. The results obtained were compared with fresh, sundried and oven dried samples as obtained in the literature. It was found that sufficient nutrients were retained, therefore it was concluded that leafy vegetables can be preserved with nearly maximum nutrient retention by microwaving to dryness.


Keywords: Vegetables, composition, literature, nutrient, microwave

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Ibrahim T.A, Omosuli S.V, Oloye D.A. Effect of Microwave Drying on Chemical Composition of Some Leafy Vegetables. Research & Reviews: Journal of Food Science and Technology. 2016; 5(3): 18–21p.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.37591/rrjofst.v5i3.463


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