Development of Plum Powder Fortified Biscuit

Umar Aftab, Anamika Das, Shanta Petel, Parimita ., Ramesh Chandra


The research intended to explore the possibility of fortifying the wheat flour and plum powder to formulate the nutritional biscuit which has the ability to improve the quality of food products due to various nutritional properties. Supplementation of plum powder was tried at different ratios (wheat flour:plum powder) 100:00(WF:PP), 95:5(WF:PP), 90:10(WF:PP) and 85:15(WF:PP). Prepared biscuit is subjected to sensory, physico-chemical and microbiological analysis to evaluate the suitability of biscuit for consumption. Nine-Point Hedonic Score System was used for sensory evaluation of prepared biscuit. From overall acceptability rating, 90% wheat flour and 10% plum powder incorporated biscuit obtained the highest rating compare to other treatments. At p ≤ 0.05, there were no significant differences between the control treatment and best-rated supplemented biscuit (90:10) in general preference of sensory rating. Nutritional evaluation of best-rated supplemented biscuit were protein (8.54%), fat (22.74%), moisture (3.45%), total carbohydrates (62.51%) and ash (2.28%). Thus supplementation of wheat flour and plum powder at 10% level each, would improve the nutritional quality without adversely affecting the sensory parameters.

Keywords: Wheat flour, plum powder, sensory, physico-chemical properties, biscuit

Cite this Article: Umar Aftab, Anamika Das, Shanta Peter, et al., Development of plum powder fortified biscuit, Research & Reviews: Journal of Food Science and Technology. 2015; 4(1): 28–31p. 

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