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Effect of Soaking Time on the Proximate Composition of Moringa Seeds Flour

Omosuli S. V., Ibrahim T. A., Oloye D. A., Afolabi-Owolabi O.


Effect of soaking on the proximate composition of Moringa seeds was investigated. Moringa seeds were soaked in deionized water for 24, 48 and 72 hours respectively, followed by draining, drying and milling. The unsoaked seeds were milled and serve as control. Results of the proximate composition were compared in the raw and soaked Moringa respectively. The moisture contents in Moringa seeds increased with soaking time (8.00% to 9.90%). Variation in protein contents of samples was not significantly different. Ash contents generally decreased with soaking time and crude fibre contents also decreased as soaking time increased (4.50% to 3.77%). There was significant differences in the carbohydrate contents of all the samples. The percentage carbohydrate increased after 24 hours and 48 hours of soaking and decreased at 72 hours. The Moringa seeds soaked for 24 hours had the highest energy value of 414.78 kcal.
Keywords: Soaking, Moringa, flour, seeds, milled, proximate

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Omosuli S.V., Ibrahim T.A., Oloye D.A. et al. Effect of Soaking Time on the Proximate Composition of Moringa Seeds Flour. Research & Reviews: Journal of Food Science and Technology. 2018; 7(3): 17–19p.

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