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Basic Concept and Role of Memory Enhancer (Muqawwi-E-Hafiza) Unani Drugs in the Management of Alzheimer’s Disease (Nisyaan-E-Shekhukhi): A Review

Nafisa Qibriya Khan, Mohd Furqan Ahmad Patel, Mohd Salim Shaikh, Rizwana Salim Shaikh, Tanveer Ahmad Khan


Alzheimer's disease is a neurological disorder in which the death of brain cells causes memory loss and cognitive decline, defined as a dementing illness in which anterograde amnesia is a dominant symptom and is the most common cause of Dementia in the elderly. There is no direct mention of this condition in classical Greek literature, but Alzheimer's disease is almost always associated with forgetfulness or fasaad-e-takhayy’ul. Although the etiology is not very clear but Unani scholars have mentioned that this is due to viscid phlegm (Balghame Ghaleez) and excess moistness (rutubat) in the brain; or in other words, because of it sue mizajbaridratab or sue mizajuqawwiyaat, Moaddilaat, Munish-e-Haraarat Ghareeziyah works to increase memory.


Alzheimer’s disease, phlegmatic humour, dementia, Nisyaneshekhukhi, fasaad-e-takhayy’ul

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