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Role of Trikatu Churna and Purana Gurrh (Jaggery) in Treatment of Sutika Makkal shoola

Gyanendra kumar gupta, gagan devi


In Ayurveda, the term Sutika (Puerperal Woman) can be used only after expulsion of placenta. After delivery, woman becomes weak and also empty bodied due to unsteadiness or indolence of Dhatus, labour pains and excretion of Kleda (moisture) and blood. Mithyaachar (inappropriate physical and mental behavior) in this period definitely results in incurable diseases or diseases which are difficult to cure. Sutika Makkal is a common complaint met with obstetrics practice. According to all the Acharyas, Trikatu and Purana Gurrh (Jaggery) is used for the treatment of Sutika Makkal. Routine analgesic drugs give only symptomatic relief. So, there is need to validate the drug given in Ayurvedic classics to destroy the root cause. This study tries to understand the role of Trikatu churna and Purana Gurrh (jaggery) in treatment of Sutika Makkal shoola. The clinical study of this research provides a detailed analysis of the methodology of research in the present clinical trial.


Ayurveda, Sutika, Kleda, Mithyaachar, Trikatu, Sutika makkal shoola

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