Algal Biodiversity of the Ruparel River of the Alwar District of Rajasthan

Dr Teena Agrawal


Algae are the gems of the biological world. They have the tremendous kinds of the function in the ecosystem. They play a variety of the role in the food chains and in the biogeochemical cycles. In this research paper, we have try to work to elucidate the algae biodiversity of the Ruparel River of the Alwar district of Rajasthan. The river is the epimeheral and they had the flow of the water in the monsoon area. One can see the tremendous growth of the algae during the monsoon and the winter seasons. Overall, 14 genera of the algae are identified in the water of the Ruparel River. They belongs to the several classes, some of the recognized classes of the algae are as follows these are the chlorophyta, euglenophyta, chrysophyta, cryptophyta, and the cyanophyta. Some of the genera’s of the other minor classes are also seen in the water. However, seasonal variations of the algae diversity can be seen very clearly. The genera’s are very rich in the monsoon and they are lower in the winter, tremendous decline can be seen in the summer seasons. The algae play a crucible role in the aquatic ecosystem. They form the typical biogeochemical cycles and they are sources of the food chains. However, due to the several kinds of the anthropogenic activity the composition of the algae are decline and the water purity need to be conserve.


Keywords: Biodiversity, chlorophyta, chrysophyta, declines, euglenophyta, monsoon, Ruparel rivers, summers, winters, xanthophyta

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Teena Agrawal. Algal Biodiversity of the Ruparel River of the Alwar District of Rajasthan. Research & Reviews: A Journal of Life Sciences. 2018; 8(3): 123–127p.

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