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Exclusion of Seed Sprouts Salmonella Pathogens Through Bacteriophages

V. Akila, A. Manikandan, V. Rajesh Kannan, S. Rajakumar


Foodborne pathogens are contamination in foods; it results in poisoning conditions that reach to the consumers. Food poisoning responsible microbial inhabitants are progressive within a short duration and it is difficult to control their ascendancy. In practice, many chemical-based antimicrobial agents are used to control the foodborne pathogenic bacteria, subsequently with some drawbacks. Hence, we urgently need an attractive alternative to reduce bacterial food contamination. The lytic bacteriophages are the best choice to kill the pathogenic bacteria which are natural anti-viral agents. In the present study, 20 bacterial strains were isolated from spoiled fruits. Among the 20 isolates, five were confirmed as Salmonella sp. based on biochemical characterization and named as Sal1, Sal2, Sal3, Sal4 and Sal5 (Sal- Salmonella). Besides, a total of 30 bacteriophages were isolated against Salmonella from six different hospital sewage at Tiruchirappalli, Tamil Nadu, India. Based on the lytic property and plaque forming units, only two namely, P1 and P2 phages, showed broad host range and had lytic activity against five Salmonella species. The in vivo experiments were done for the evaluation of Salmonella infection on germinated chickpea seeds. It was treated with phages, and the results showed reduction of Salmonella count on germinated seeds. In conclusion, the phage has the ability to control Salmonella on seed sprouts; it means phage acts as biocontrol agents and has several advantages over the use of chemical sanitizers.

Keywords: Salmonella, Bacteriophage, chickpeas, biocontrol agents, seed sprouts

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V. Akila, A. Manikandan, V. Rajesh Kannan, S. Rajakumar. Exclusion of Seed Sprouts Salmonella Pathogens Through Bacteriophages. Research & Reviews: A Journal of Life Sciences. 2019; 9(1):


Salmonella, Bacteriophage, Chickpeas, Biocontrol agents, Seed sprouts

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