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Review of Literature on Dry Flowers

Saima Rashid Mir, B.M. Shinde, M.G. Chaskar, M.M. Jana


Dry flowers have been used in the artistic creation and ornamentation for many years. There is also an immense market of dry flowers throughout the world. The handiness of abundant plant material is one of the driving forces to nurture your hobby of preparing, crafting and developing dried plant material. Unlike fresh flowers, that easily slack their appeal and market value dried flowers prevail for longer periods if properly preserved; hence, dry flowers and foliages have great potential as alternative for fresh flowers. The present paper describes the commercial importance of dry flowers and the introduction of new techniques for the enhancement of dry flower industry.


Keywords: Dry flowers, capitalization, vein skeletons

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Saima Rashid Mir, B.M. Shinde, M.G. Chaskar, M.M. Jana. Review of Literature on Dry Flowers. Research & Reviews: A Journal of Life Sciences. 2019; 9(2):

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