Physical, Chemical and Mechanical Properties of Fiber Extracted from Yucca gloriosa, L.

Subhashini Balaji


Yucca gloriosa is an evergreen shrub with common name “Spanish dragger.” It was collected from the Nilgiris hills. The fiber obtained from Y. gloriosa leaves is used for making ropes, baskets and mats. So this study shows that factors such as length, diameter, density, linear density, water sorption, lignin, cellulose estimation, load at break, extension at break, tenacity at break, tensile strain at break and tensile stress at break of Y. gloriosa, L. was found. On the microscopic analysis of the leaf, cross section samples of sclerenchyma cells were found. The plant showed yield and quality of plant fibers, which make them suitable for uses like composite, textile, geotextile, pulp, paper and other industrial uses.
Keywords: Fiber, Yucca gloriosa, density, linear density, water sorption, tensile properties

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