Hybrid Quark Model and Six-Quark Probability

Madhulika Mehrotra


In the hybrid quark model (HQM), when the distance between the two nucleons is greater than a certain cut off radius, they maintain their identity as nucleons but when the distances between the two baryons is smaller than a certain cut off radius, then the baryons overlap to form a six-quark bag. The fact that the probability to find six-quark for  does not have to be the same as that of finding two nucleons for  can be accommodated either by allowing for a different normalization of the external wave function or by modifying the potential for . The mathematical framework for the evaluation of six-quark probability for nucleon-nucleon pair inside a nucleus or a hypernucleus from the shell model wave functions for the evaluation of matrix elements in the overlap probability has been compared.


Keywords: Quantum chromodynamics(QCD), quark degrees of freedom, six-quark bag

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Madhulika Mehrotra. Hybrid Quark Model and Six-Quark Probability. Research & Reviews: Journal of Physics. 2018; 7(2): 80–83

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.37591/rrjophy.v7i2.1152


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