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An Insight into Sub Storm Dynamics of Magnetosphere and its Effects on H Component of The Earth

Ashwani Kumar, DP Singh


Geomagnetic storms, substorms and their impacts on the magnitude of H component of earth were studied during the event of August, October and November, 2003. For this, a high level fluxgate digital magnetometer was used to record and analyze this event at southern subauroral localized region (Geomagnetic latitude 62ºS and longitude 52.8ºE) at ‘MAITRI’ station. Our findings show that the time magnitude of H component of earth before commencement of sudden storm (SSC) were smooth but after the first storm in magnetosphere region, the magnitude of fluctuations of H component increased continuously for a longer interval of time.


Keywords: Sudden storm commencement (SSC), geomagnetic storms, fluxgate digital magnetometer, interplanetary magnetic field (IMF)

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Ashwani Kumar, Singh DP. An Insight into Sub storm Dynamics of Magnetosphere and Its Effects on H Component of the Earth. Research & Reviews: Journal of Physics. 2019; 8(2): 13–22p.

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