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Higher Ordered Resonant Periodic Orbits in Perturbed Sun-Mars System

Niraj Pathak, Elbaz I. Abouelmagd


In this paper, we have studied interior resonant orbits of higher order in the framework of photo–gravitational restricted three-body problem. The seventh, ninth and eleventh order interior resonant periodic orbits are analyzed for Sun-Mars system. The location, eccentricity and period of resonant orbits are investigated in the perturbed case for a given value of Jacobi constant C. It is observed that for a given order of resonance, a period of orbits is increased by 6 or 7 units as the number of loops is increased by 1. This indicates that the time elapsed for making one loop is approximately equal to the period of Mars, which are 6.2827 units. The location of periodic orbits recedes from Sun as the number of loops increase. For an orbit with a given number of loops, the location of periodic orbits shifts towards Sun and the eccentricity of the periodic orbits decrease as the order of resonance increases.


Keywords: Interior resonance, oblateness periodic orbits, photo–gravitation, poincare surface of section, restricted three-body problem

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Niraj Pathak, Elbaz I. Abouelmagd. Higher Ordered Resonant Periodic Orbits in Perturbed Sun-Mars System. Research & Reviews: Journal of Physics. 2019; 8(2): 130–136p.

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