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The Formation of Bi-2223 Superconductor with Fe-Substitution

Rohitash Kumar, H. S. Singh, Y. N. Singh


Presently, we have studied about synthesis and characterization of Bi-2223 Superconductors in the form of Bi2Sr2Ca3(Cu0.97Fe0.03)3O10+δ complex. The sample was established with solid state method and characterized by XRD, (FESEM) and (FTIR). The DC electrical resistivity of the sample was measured at liquid helium temperature. The XRD parameters shows the orthorhombic structure with lattice constant a = 5.7429Å, b = 5.0845 Å, c = 36.5569 Å and grain size confirm with FE-SEM. The bend stretching of iron was confirm by FTIR and elemental confirmation by EDX energy spectra. The sample is showing linearly decreases order of resistivity due to low temperature. The sample is reveals the superconducting properties at low temperature.


High Temperature Superconductor, XRD, FESEM with EDX, FTIR, DC Electrical Resistivity, Mӧssbauer Spectroscopy

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