Growth, Optical, Mechanical and Electrical Properties of Zinc Sulphate Admixtured N-N’-dimethylurea Single Crystals (DMUZS)

A. S. I Joy Sinthiya, R Sreedevi


The single crystals of zinc sulphate admixtured N-N’-dimethylurea (DMUZS) were grown by slow evaporation technique from aqueous solution at room temperature. Good quality crystals of size 16×12×5 mm3 had been obtained after 35 days. The grown crystals were characterized by single crystal XRD analysis to determine the lattice constant of the sample. Powder X-ray diffraction studies confirm the crystalline nature of the grown crystal. Fourier transform infrared (FT-IR) studies were carried out to identify the presence of various functional groups in DMUZS crystal. UV-vis transmittance spectrum was recorded to study the optical property of the grown sample. The mechanical strength of the sample was investigated by microhardness analysis. The complex impedance measurement was carried out at different temperatures and frequencies to understand the electrical changes that are taking place in the sample. Nonlinear optical activity of the grown crystal was tested by Kurtz-Perry technique.
Keywords: FTIR; DMUZS single crystal; SHG; Impedance spectroscopy; Hardness

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Joy Sinthiya ASI, Sreedevi R. Growth, optical, mechanical and electrical properties of zinc sulphate admixtured N-N’-dimethylurea single crystals (DMUZS). Research & Reviews: Journal of Physics. 2018; 7(1): 24–33p.

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