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Multipole Magnetic Field Lines Interaction of Neutron Stars

Habtamu Menberu Tedila


In this paper, we present the magnetic field of the collapsed core during a massive star supernova explosion, resulting from the conservation of magnetic flux, which forms a strong magnetic fields (B∽1013 G) Neutron stars. The vector potential from moving electric charge Q uniformly distributed over the surface of the spherical Neutron star of radius R and the multipole magnetic field have calculated. The interaction between the dipole magnetic field and multipole magnetic field lines takes place for Neutron stars; the dipole field is more dominantly than the interacting multipole magnetic field lines. We simulated the field line of dipole interaction with quadrupole, hexapole, octupole, etc.


Magnetic Multipole fields, Neutron stars, pulsars, hexapole, quadrupole

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