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The Impending of Our Solar System in the Undulations of the Space–Time Continuum and Uninduced Mass–Energy Imbalance Moieties



This paper indemnifies the assumptions of space-time continuum, gravitational waves and theoretical aspects of warping. The submergence of the celestial bodies in the space warps was illustrated. The physical interpretation of the space and the effect of the gravitational waves in the space-time warps was explained in relation to the stars and planets. The undulations of the space as function of time and vice versa was discussed in this paper. The fate of the space in the infinite distances and unending time was elucidated. The curves in the space and their role in determining the fabric of the universes was discussed. The effect of temperature on the celestial bodies and their observations was illustrated.


Space-time, Space warps, Gravitational waves, submergence, delimited circles

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