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Simulation Studies of a Triangular Shape Closed Loop Wind Tunnel

Kollati Nanda Sai Kumar, J. Mahesh, Roopsandeep Bammidi


An innovative approach in the modeling and simulation of flow parameters of a triangular shape closed-loop wind tunnel was carried out using Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), which decreases the overall heat loss of the tunnel from the traditional closed loop wind tunnels and individual section simulations are done to predict and prove the decrease in losses occurred by them and the entire concept wind tunnel is simulated to see the uniformity of flow in the test section. The boundary conditions are appropriately selected based on a subsonic closed loop wind tunnel. This wind tunnel is modeled with Guide vane radiator which is used for directing the air for circulating and cooling the circulating air in a closed loop wind tunnel.


CFD, guide vane radiator, wind tunnel, closed loop, simulation

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