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An Impact of Various Wireless Power Transfer Techniques

Rishu Kumar, Himanshu Gehlot, Poornendra Kumar, Mahima Yadav, Sushil Kumar Agrawal


Wireless power transfer is a technique through which the power is transmitted without any wired connection between the power supply source to the load-consuming source. The power transfer wireless technique is attracting various fields of subjects as a result much research is going on this technique and it’s a highly active research area currently due to its potential. The wireless power transfer can be achieved by various methods which are described in this paper. The most efficient methods used in the recent era are inductive coupling and magnetic resonant coupling methods. Its significance is that these technologies are used in various fields such as medical science, charging system, and many more. According to the most recent studies, this article describes the history of wireless power transfer and highlights some of its most recent practical uses. The study offers short-range, medium-range, and remote wireless power transmission, respectively, to discuss the wireless power transmission methods in depth. To help readers better grasp the WPT system, the paper also illustrates several distinctive characteristics of the WPT system. The technique of wireless power transfer (WPT) technology is diverse and intricate. The amount of power produced cannot keep up with the demand. Typically, cables are used to convey the electricity created. Researchers have shifted toward wireless energy transmission as well as microwave and laser transmission for greater distances to decrease transmission and distribution losses. Tesla, the field's innovator, tried to develop a potent, wireless electric transmitter more than a century ago; as of late, this technology has grown exponentially.


near field, far field, inductive, magnetic, capacitive, laser, solar, microwave

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