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Preparation of Magnetic Iron Oxide Nanoparticles by the Modified Wet Chemical Method

Narendra Kumar Agrawal, Dhwani Gangal, Ravi Agarwal, Narendra Jhakar, H. S. Palsania


In the embattled drug delivery, intravenous injection is given to patient followed by a magnetic field gradient over the fraction where drug is needed to be delivered as well as also in many medical applications which require iron oxide nanoparticles be discrete and magnetic. But rusting of these nanoparticles after synthesis, decreases their efficiency in most of the applications and limits the uses of these particles. So, here in this study, we have modified the chemical method used for the synthesis of NPs. We have synthesized Iron Oxide Nanoparticles having average particle size ~100 nm with magnetic property from the Modified Wet Chemical Method which also solves the problem of rusting of iron particles. With Modifying Wet Chemical Method, we have tried to solve the oxidation problem and at the same time giving advantage of developing magnetic property in nanoparticles. The method is easy to use and involves less time than any other magnetic nanoparticles’ preparation methods. Also, the particles prepared by our method tend to have better magnetic properties and hence can be used in various applications with higher efficiency.


Magnetic properties, iron oxide, rusting, clean surface NPs, modified wet chemical method

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