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Behavior of Laterite Soil by using Scrap Rubber Tyre

Harsh Patel, Paresh Rajeshirke, Ajit Shetkar, Rutik Thik, Sanjay Singh


In India, the scrap tyres are being generated and accumulated in large volumes causing an increasing threat to the environment. The soil content is updated and In recent times with the increase in the demand for infrastructure and feasible foundation design in not applicable due to poor bearing capacity of ground soil and weak or soft soil is considered unsafe for construction of engineering structure. So stabilizations have started to take a new shape. Series of experiments have been performed on laterite soil samples with different powder rubber ratios i.e. 0%, 10%, 20%, 30% waste crumb rubber particles by weight.


Bearing capacity, Crumb rubber, Laterite soil, Scrap tyre, Soil stabilization

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