Estimation of Population Mean Under SRSWOR Using Imputation Technique

Prabhakar Mishra, Poonam Singh, Rajesh Singh


This research work suggests four log-type imputation methods using auxiliary information for missing observations in a data set. These methods consist of corresponding point estimator for estimating population mean under simple random sampling without replacement. Bias and mean square error expressions are derived up-to first order of approximation. Percent relative efficiency of suggested estimators is compared with the existing estimators using four population real data sets. And it is empirically proven that our estimators perform better than the mean method, ratio method, compromised method and exponential compromised method of imputation.


Keywords: Log-type estimators, mean square error, SRSWOR (Simple Random Sampling without Replacement), imputation, missing data

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Prabhakar Mishra, Poonam Singh, Rajesh Singh. Estimation of Population Mean Under Srswor Using Imputation Technique. Research & Reviews: Journal of Statistics. 2018; 7(2): 12–20p

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