Asymptotic Tests for Truncation Parameters of several One-truncation Parameter Family of Distributions

Patel S. R.



In this study, the authors have obtained the asymptotic tests for testing equality of truncation parameters of one truncation parameter family of distributions. The asymptotic conditional distribution of complete sufficient statistic of parameter of interest is obtained by conditioning the distribution of complete sufficient statistics of the nuisance parameters. Using this conditional distribution we have derived the asymptotic Uniformly Most Powerful Unbiased (UMPU) tests for testing hypothesis (i) one parameter is larger than the another (ii) the equality of the truncation parameters. Further for = 2, asymptotic UMPU tests have been derived for their truncated parameters and applied the results to specific distributions like uniform, negative exponential, truncated exponential, power function distributions.


Keywords: One-parameter truncated distribution, asymptotic conditional distribution, asymptotic UMPU test, uniform distribution, power function distribution, negative exponential distribution

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Patel S. R. On Asymptotic Testing of Truncation Parameters of  One-Parameter Family of Distributions. Research & Reviews: Journal of Statistics. 2018; 7(2): 35–41p.


The modified exponential distribution, asymptotic distribution, Asymptotic UMPU test.

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Patel S.R Asymptotic Tests for Truncation Parameters of several One-truncation Parameter Family of distributions, Research & Reviews: Journal of Statistics. 2018

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