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Estimation of Terrorist Attacks Using Markov Modeling

Manikandan M., Senthamarai Kannan. K, Deneshkumar. V


Terrorist attacks are the challenging problem throughout the countries including India, Pakistan, United States, Afghanistan, Sri Lanka, etc. Probabilistic model is one of the most important models for detecting and preventing the terrorist attacks based on the historical data sets. In this paper, we are applying the higher order transition probability matrix and estimate the future movement of terrorism. This model is an appropriate way of determine the progress of one state to another state, which can help to better perceptive of terrorist attacks.


Keywords: Markov model, transition probability matrix, PCA and terrorism

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Manikandan M, Senthamarai Kannan K, Deneshkumar V. Estimation of Terrorist Attacks Using Markov Modeling. Research & Reviews: Journal of Statistics. 2019; 8(1): 32–37p.

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