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Evaluation of Accurate Domination in Graphs using DEMATEL (Decision making trial and evaluation laboratory)

Kurinjimalar Ramu, M. Ramachandran, Chandrasekar Raja, Ashwini Murugan


The concept of domination in graphs is developments and applications This paper presents an A dominant set D of a graph G = (V, E) is the exact dominant set, V-D is the cardinality | D | The exact dominance number a Maps Precise dominance in G, subgroup D of V is the exact 2-dominant set of G, the same ambiguous cardinality dominating 2-V in V −D | D | if not. in this The minimum 2-dominance. Predominance of precision in the chart is advancements and utilization. DEMATEL (Decision Making Trial and Evaluation Laboratory) They are divided into analysis using the Accurate Domination in Graphs in Accurate domination number, Independent domination number, Roman domination number, Power domination, Domination subdivision number is Evaluation Parameters Accurate Domination in Graphs in the value. Accurate domination number is got the first rank whereas is the Domination subdivision numberis having the Lowest rank. This paper is Accurate Domination in Graphs Accurate domination number is got the first rank whereas is the Domination subdivision number is having the Lowest rank


DEMATEL, Parameters, Evaluation, Domination, Computational Data

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