Acceptance Single Sampling Plan Based on Truncated Life Tests for the Weibull-Poisson Distribution

V. Kaviyarasu, P. Fawaz


In this paper a new distribution is used to design the plan parameters of acceptance single sampling plan through percentiles of Weibull-Poisson distribution. The life of the product is assumed to follow Weibull-Poisson distribution. The minimum sample size satisfying the specified levels of consumer’s risk and producer’s risk are obtained. The operating characteristic values are given and the ratio dq is obtained which ensures the producer’s risk at 5% level.


Keywords: Reliability sampling plan, Weibull-Poisson distribution, percentiles

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Kaviyarasu V, Fawaz P. Acceptance Single Sampling Plan based on Truncated Life tests for the Weibull-Poisson Distribution. Research & Reviews: Journal of Statistics. 2018; 7(1): 5s–11sp.

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