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The Constraining Mechanisms and Sustainable Environment

Bisong Peter Bisong


Human relationship to the environment is degrading the environment. This has led to calls and appeals from all quarters of the earth for a sustainable environment—an environment that would continually provide our teeming needs and that of the future generation. However, in spite of these calls, nothing seems to be changing as regards man’s relationship with the environment—plundering of the environment still goes on apace. This research showed why these calls and appeals are not penetrating the hearts of men. Their heart is covered with what we call the constraining mechanisms. These constraining mechanisms: the tension laden ambivalent existential conditions and the phenomenon of concealment inhibit the proper functioning of the mind and thereby making it incapable of managing the ambivalences in life. The research argues that until these constraining mechanisms are removed from the minds of humans, no call or appeal against environmental degradation would take root.

Keyword: Environment, Constraining Mechanisms, Sustainability

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Bisong, Peter Bisong. The Constraining Mechanisms and Sustainable Environment. OmniScience: A Multi-disciplinary Journal. 2019; 9(1): 47–55p. 

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