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Ethics and Research Integrity

Subhash C. Arya


Research can be defined as search for knowledge or systematic investigation to establish the truth. Scientific research is application of scientific method, harnessing of curiosity for explaining the nature and properties of the world around us. The role of a scientist is to acquire knowledge by engaging himself in scientific activities. A scientist has more social responsibility. Each scientist does not behave with complete honesty towards present and future scientists, the construction of scientific progress, built on the honesty of past scientists, is in danger of collapsing. The temptation to publish hastily, to misinterpret results or to publish fraudulent results is greater now than it has ever been, and scientific malfeasance in the developed and developing countries has made the headlines worldwide. In the present paper, efforts are made to review on comprehensive discussion of ethical problems encountered during the publication process. Ethical infringes such as data fabrication, falsification, plagiarism and redundant and duplicate publications are a few examples. In the present paper, efforts are also made to collect the problems/reasons generally faced by today’s competent young scientists and impact of ethics in the scientific research quality. How this heavy burden of responsibility results into the temptation to rush to publish results that have not been adequately reproduced is also explained. A few case studies in context with Indian scenario are also explained.

Keywords: Ethics, scientific research

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