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An Approach towards Visual Arts Today

Shekhar Chandra Joshi


Visual arts is one of the hand of the high class of art known as “Fine Arts” where performing arts forms the another hand. The visual arts are art forms where expressions of an artist can be seen physically such as ceramics, drawing, painting, sculpture, printmaking, design, crafts, photography, video, filmmaking, literature, and architecture. Many artistic disciplines (performing arts, conceptual art, textile arts) involve aspects of the visual arts as well as arts of other types. On the other hand, the performing arts range from vocal, instrumental music, dance and theatre to pantomime, sung verse and beyond. They include numerous cultural expressions that reflect human creativity and that are also found, to some extent, in many other intangible cultural heritage domains. The present paper will highlight the current trends and approaches of few selective artists including self for the creativity in visual arts today.

Keywords: Visual arts, current trends, selective artists, human creativity

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Shekhar Chandra Joshi. An Approach towards Visual Arts Today. Omniscience: A Multi-disciplinary Journal. 2017; 7(1): 11–13p.

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