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Modeling of Temperature Data of Coal Samples by Event- Time Continuum Analysis

Sayantan Nath, Sonali Agarwal, G.N. Pandey


Time-event based analysis of temperature data modeling for coal samples by thermal camera and type-k thermocouple in algebraic approach are presented in this paper. Obtaining of different value for an identical factor, temperature (T), from coal and analysis of their acquiring mechanism in the light of mathematical morphism (→) are required to be defined with respect to time yet. Without proper interconnective function between two individual data modeling techniques of coal temperature, the working mechanism between these methodologies depending upon time-axis could not be signified separately. Different values of a same parameter (T) for a common coal sample due to two individual techniques inter-connected in abstract morphism approach to describe the occurring of events for both processes with respect to time-frame model of the universe are described in this paper. Whereas, thermal and thermocouple data, completely two different physical procedures for monitoring of temperature have produced two distinct numerical values whereas the temperature of the coal sample would always be equal at any certain moment. The designing of connected bond between those distinct monitoring processes with respect to time-frame based analysis of events in physical world shown in algebraic pattern are the basic defining factors of this investigation.


Keywords: Morphism analysis, Kan functor, thermal data modeling, time-fragment structure, work-event relation, occurrence calculus

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Sayantan Nath, Sonali Agarwal, Pandey GN. Modeling of Temperature Data of Coal Samples by Event-Time Continuum Analysis. Omniscience: A Multi-disciplinary Journal. 2016; 6(1): 16–35p.

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