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Probing India’s Failure to Produce Nobel Laureates in Science after CV Raman

Hardev Singh Virk


India’s track record is very poor, if we consider the number of Nobel Laureates produced by India since the inception of Nobel Prizes in 1901. Rabindra Nath Tagore was the first Indian recipient to receive this coveted Prize in 1913 in Literature. CV Raman was the second Indian to be awarded this prize in 1930 for his world famous discovery known as ‘Raman Effect’. After these two, some Indians have been awarded Nobel Prizes in Science, Literature, Economics and for promoting Peace, but most of these Indians were awarded for their work done in other countries, except for two Peace Prizes. It clearly shows that Indians have potential to win Nobel Prizes, but there is something wrong in the Indian ethos that we fail to produce Nobel Laureates on Indian soil. The reasons of our failure are analysed in this article with special reference to CV Raman, our first and last Nobel Laureate in Science during the last 86 years.


Keywords: Indian Nobel Laureates, CV Raman, IACS Calcutta, Golden Era, Biography, Scientific Policy Resolution (SPR), DST INSPIRE

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Hardev Singh Virk. Probing India’s Failure to Produce Nobel Laureates in Science after CV Raman. Omniscience: A Multi-disciplinary Journal. 2016; 6(2): 8–11p.

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