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Qualifying for Student Competencies through Reengineering

Priyavrat Thareja


The consortium of competencies required by a today's engineer are widening every day, thanks to reengineering, which accompanies in a horizon of information technology. The impetus was to make manual operations@ high technology physically less taxing. Various operations which were time consuming have now been made quicker and/or multi-tasking and so on. The new realization of meeting customer and societal requirements has facilitated a proponent that more accent is required to be laid on cultural strengths and attitudes. It concurrently calls upon to increase the intellectual sharpness of the product. Both aspects of lateral and vertical grooming of students in engineering and emotional intelligence (elevation) should be catered to in the new state of educational process. There is thus a need to reengineer our engineering educational schema such that the system is robust and potent. The requirement of educational product in is in diversity@core competence. The know-all requirement spells the unique learnability concurrently with handling of diverse set of tools. Failing which the industry or society is ready to count losses incurred due to lack of competency. The infrastructure for development of such activities, at the behest of academic environment for student @ 24 X 7 X 365 access is becoming the norm of a reengineered system, which interfaces with ICT (Information and communication technologies). The present work uses a methodology of 4DM to improve competencies as Design, Develop and Deploy is introduced in this paper.


Keywords:Learning environment, Taguchi loss function, 4DM ((Define, Design, Develop and Deploy) and Manage) methodology, design and development, DFNX, 24 X 7 X 365 education, gap analysis

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Priyavrat Thareja. Qualifying For Student Competencies through Ree-ngineering. OmniScience: A Multi-disciplinary Journal 2015; 5(1): 51–62p

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