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Changing Classrooms Learning In This Constructivistic World

Jipsy Chopra


The constructivist view of learning clicks in our mind a variety of different teaching practices. It encourages students to use active techniques (i.e. projects, experiments, real-world problem solving etc.) to create new construction of knowledge. It shows and talks about their own process of constructing and understanding. The teacher ensures he/she understands the students' preexisting conceptions, and guides the activity to address them and then build on them. This paper discusses about how the methods of learning are changing in the constructivistic classroom. The term constructivism has been used to explain everything from school reform to teaching styles, and most importantly related to a learning theory.


Keywords: Constructivism, zone of proximal development, role playing, simulations

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Jipsy Chopra. Changing Classrooms Learning in this Constructivistic World. OmniScience: A Multi-disciplinary Journal(OSMJ). 2015; 5(1): 1–4p.


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