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Slurry Transportation in Mines

Balla Kalyan, Hemanth Reddy A., Ch. S.N. Murthy


The increasing operating and maintenance costs as well as the associated detrimental effects of the conventional methods of ore and gangue transportation in mines call for the need to implement a cost-effective and environmentally responsible alternative. This challenge can be efficiently dealt by using hydro-transport handling of mixtures in long and short-distance pipelines. This paper deals with the basics of hydraulic transportation in mines and highlights the major advantages and disadvantages of the same along with presenting some notable examples. It also deals with the various ways of overcoming the challenges associated with slurry transportation in mines.


Keywords: Slurry, Pipeline, Tailings, hydro-transport

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Balla Kalyan, Hemanth Reddy A, Ch. S. N. Murthy, Slurry Transportation in Mines, Omniscience: A Multi-disciplinary Journal (OSMJ). 2015; 5(2): 22–28p.

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