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Renewable Immunity: A Support to Humanity

Honey Garg, Priyavrat Thareja


The survival to the fittest” paradigm is invariably weighted w.r.t. competitiveness. This fitness is therefore constantly interacting both with the living races, and the dynamic nature, more than living –albeit in a complex way. While the former appear to tame nature, the fact is that latter demonstrates the superiority from time to time, in which the former attempt to truce with. The latter quality is called immunity especially when it is seen in a successful competition with unseen forces. One such force is environmental degradation, in the context of CO2 concentration, soaring continuously as a consequence of man’s overexploitation of nature. It even threatens to surpass the thresholds limits, to be safely supported by man.  Thence, the competitiveness levels between man and nature seems to mature w.r.t the survival to the fittest” paradigm (the balance between ecoimmunity and bioimmunity). This work attempts to study the phenomenon of expanding CO2 concentration in the environment as reported by various authors and relate with the threshold levels prescribed for the mankind. Further attempts to forecast the breakeven limits w.r.t. bioimmunity are corroborated using the instantaneous CO2 concentration computed by regression analysis. If by 2353 CE the nature may exert a 5000 ppm CO2 concentration, surpassing the stipulated threshold value, and promised bioimmunity allows enough sustainability—a state of renewable immunity would have been reapproved.


Keywords: God (Bhagwan) in Hindi as an acronym [Bhagwan–Hindi], ecoimmunity, bioimmunity, global warming, regression equation of CO2 concentration 

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