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Effects of Globalization on Woman Liberalism: The Islam and Christianity

Auwalu Musa


This paper examines the effects of globalization on woman liberalism within the context of Islam and Christianity. The paper utilizes secondary source of data.  The findings of the paper reveal that in the name of modern liberation, women have been de-womanized and have deliberately abandoned home and ostracized themselves from the pristine and immaculate duties as mothers, thereby forcefully engage and participate in duties and responsibilities of men, which is tantamount to encroachment and de-womanization. However, women are the mothers of our children today and tomorrow, the up-bringers, the moral cultivators, the models of imitation by the younger generations and the solid brick in the building of the corruption-free family and society or nation in the wider perspective. The paper concludes that the agitations for woman liberalism/rights as civilization from the west is not the solution to the problem of women in modern age rather it is more harmful and disastrous than our traditional past. Total submission to western civilization as empowerment and or liberation breeds immorality or moral laxity and disrespect for religion-faiths and human survival which makes abstinence and righteousness extremely difficult. The paper finally recommends that a Woman Ecumenical Awareness Forum for Societal Re-orientation should be instituted and works hand in hand with religious bodies (of Muslims and Christian clergies) and the Ministry for women affairs which would be responsible for given moral awareness to women on social, economic and political responsibilities. Also, indigenous responsibilities and duties of women should be included in the school curriculum with the aim of instilling moral ethics for women folk in the society. So also, indigenous media houses should have to initiate a programme for educating women on the implications of extra-religious rights.


Keywords: Effects, globalization, liberalism, woman, islam, christianity

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