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Novel Methods for Mathematics Teaching

Neetu Chawla, Ashish Kumar Mittal


Though mathematics is an important subject and it has occupied a central position since the ancient times, still it has not been the interest of many students which is the main reason for not developing the thinking and logical skills of children. So, while teaching mathematics, teachers should use innovative and creative teaching methods, strategies and pedagogic resources that are much more useful and fruitful in gaining adequate responses from the students than we have ever had in the past. It can be seen that more focus is laid on the higher level of objectives underlying the mathematics subject looking to the aims of teaching mathematics like analytical thinking, critical thinking, decision making, logical reasoning, problem solving, etc. Such objectives are very difficult to get along only through verbal and mechanical methods that are usually used in the class of mathematics. The verbal methods of instruction give all importance to speech and texts, to the book and to the teacher. This method was used majorly until the end of the 19th century from a historical point of view. Teachers are simply satisfied with giving mathematical rules to their students and having them memorize them. Their task is to transmit the knowledge to their students which has accumulated over the centuries. As per today’s requirement of system of education, it is strictly needed to make this teaching-learning process effective by using innovation in it. Innovations in teaching of mathematics can be diversified in terms of mastery learning strategy, pedagogic resources, methods, and various teaching aids used in teaching-learning process. This paper discusses the new understanding about the innovations in teaching.


Keywords: Mathematics, teaching aids, mathematical rules, innovations in teaching

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