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A Study on Employability Potential of Engineering Students Studying in Rural Engineering Colleges and Its Relation with their Vocabulary and Language Skills

Princess Prema, Gobinath R, Sathiya Priya, Sowndaryan ., Shridevi ., Yuvaraj .


Students of the rural colleges including newly started self-financing engineering institutions in rural areas face a number of problems. English being the mode of language used for coaching is their second language and not their mother tongue and they are not used to learning it or using it in their day to day activities. Many students who do well in their 12th standard examination and are a high scorer in their schools are not able to perform well in the University examinations owing to the reason that they are not familiar with at least 80% of the words used in teaching–learning methodology adopted. This situation is aggravated in the recent decade in which more and more rural students are opting to study engineering programs, the splurge in the number of engineering institutions offering programs in Tamil Nadu attributed this situation. In this situation, many students simply get demotivated with their poor performance in the first two years of the program and even drop out of the colleges. This problem is related to the poor vocabulary of the students getting admitted in the engineering programs. Therefore, enhancing their vocabulary is the need of the hour for the engineering teachers. This work provides an insight into the recent scenario of the engineering students in Tirupur district-based engineering colleges and also provides few suggestions to teach the vocabulary effectively and in an occupying way so that it creates an intuitiveness and eagerness among the students to learn English and perform better in their University examinations.

Keywords: Language, engineering students, vocabulary enhancement

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