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Reinforcing the Social Domain towards Pacifism in Gobind’s Way

Priyavrat Thareja, Amrinder Singh Chahal


Guru Gobind Singh, the sikh commander was a lean conceptual soldier who laid the concept of synergy as illustrated by one of the earlier works of authors. Thus, called a guru by karma and also by virtue of being born as Guru Teg Bahadur’s son - the 9th guru of their dynasty, Guru Gobind Singh saw through the sinful rule to prepare an army of marshals. This was a transformation fought on more of in-secular grounds, leading to a new transformation called Sikhs, to fight roudy in-secularism. It is a typical case of iron-cuts-iron. Nevertheless Guru’s steps were a breakthrough attempt to lead to a new awakening. Guru Gobind Singh acted like a savior of masses who were forced through anti-secular atrocities to change, where nothing would change except faith in change. The Toyota Production system and the W. E. Deming’s 14 points have also stood firm as light house guiding industries and people to act more wisely in a socio-natural friendly way. Guru Gobind Singh also had shown the way for leading an exemplary life. Since, the documentation for his 14 points was not evidenced; an attempt had been made to draft these. The authors collate the three for a synergy and sketch a new road map for a people’s cultural renovation.


Keywords: Toyota Production System, W. E. Deming, Cultural renovation, 14 points, The path to Omni Scientific world.

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