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Reading Habits - Is it on the Wane among Adolescents in Rural India?

Reuben Mendonca, Nischay Dev U, Neevan D. R. D’Souza, Manjula Shantaram


The reading habit influences in the promotion of one’s personal development in particular and social progress in general. Our study was conducted in the schools of the villages of Gowdahalli and Daradahalli of Chikamagalur district in the south western part of Karnataka state. A total of 110 students participated in this study, which consisted of 70 boys and 40 girls. These students were interviewed through a class to class survey with pre- formed questionnaires based on their life styles, nutrition and family background. A draft of the questionnaire was prepared and given to the students. It was observed that out of the total students that took part in the study, the mean hours of study per day among the boys and girls together were 3 hours and 45 minutes. Students of class eight studied for 3 hours per day, class nine for 3 hours and 45 minutes per day and that of class ten spent 5 hours 40 minutes per day in study. Reading habits of the adolescents have significantly increased as they grew older. There was a positive co-relation observed. Duration of reading increased(r=0.460) and showed statistical significance (p<.0005) between age groups. In conclusion, as the students progressed to higher classes they spent more hours in study in rural area.


Keywords:  Reading habit, Rural India, Adolescents, Survey

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