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Teacher Education: Situation at Present in Institutions and A Move Toward Effectiveness

Nikunj M. Desai


Can we always prove that what we (including teacher–educators) do is effective? The word ‘effective’ may be interpreted in terms of maximum progress at minimum of efforts. Teacher’s effectiveness is vastly dependent upon the other human factor, i.e., the learners. Teachers' effectiveness is observed by others not in the lights of what they do in their classroom teaching but who they are as a person is given more importance. Experience of a Teacher is somewhat controversial. The term ‘experience’ has also one more shape: events of the past that have timeless impression on the teacher himself/herself. Some other factors are also there which may affect Teacher Effectiveness. It can be concluded that the teacher should believe that the very criterion is within his/her own reach, should admit: quality means conformance to requirements; Zero defect performance standard


Keywords: Teacher, learner, effective learning

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