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Acting tools of ICT to tackle Covid19

Sritha zith dey, Tarun Danti Dey, Forkan Uddin Ahmed, Digvijay Pandey


This paper draws the reports on the case of the COVID-19 Lockdown system in the world. In the voice of the World Health Organization (WHO), here it's a bit dangerous for our society cause it's now moving into community transmission. For this pandemic COVID-19 we are in huge problem. And the whole world economic factor may down approx 1% until (December 2020). But, there is a huge impact on computer science in this pandemic. Using computer science we can develop smart application or website which will help the people of awareness about Covid19. We can also predict the upcoming rate of cases by using AI. SO, this paper mainly shows the acting performance of computer science to tackle covid19 smartly. And, mainly this paper motivates all freelancers and web developers or software developers to tackle the corona pandemic.

Keywords;BMI checker, Corona checker,Health checker, ICT ,MERS corona,SARs,WEB ACT.

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