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Think of the society and behavior in society

Dhaval Chudasama


This paper is deriving the current thinking of the society and it behaves this. So here mentioned few point may be like or follows. Some time every one faced the same problems of the person infant of this guy is behaving superb but behind its behavior absolute 360 degree changed. Nowadays people consider society as an animal and a means of earning money but really it should be worshiped and cherished. Humans have always been helped from the time the society lives to the time it dies. So here we present information about it. Nowadays the thinking and function of society is different. All want to take advantage of them but never worry about the people ahead. I have been given an example of the current covid situation: a company pays an employee a full salary. This time everyone says the company is good but the company is giving some workload to the employees. All say he does no justice to us. It feels good when a company is paid full salary for doing nothing and gets annoyed when a little work and time is extended. Then no one thinks about the bad situation of the company. The company does not make a profit but pays a salary so it is our duty to give a cake to the company. In this kind of situation, it is not justifiable for an employee to quit his job for his own benefit but this is our society not for the personal benefit of others but it should be taken into consideration by everyone.

Keyword: Think of the society, behavior in society, various behaviors in society, culture in society, Human behavior in society

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