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A Person with a Big Heart Who is a Mother

Gaurang Patel, Dhaval Chudasama


Here we want to talk about a person with a big heart. This paper is about a person who works tirelessly and without a holiday. Ma is a person who cannot be described in words. Just like the river is the selfless mother of folk who gives water to sinners, gentlemen, monks, big and small. I will never give you water if you are good and I will not give you water if you are a sinner, but she loves all her children equally. Mother saves her children from every evil of the society. You may have noticed that when a deer is grazing with its cubs, if a wild animal attacks its cubs, it will fall on it and save its cubs without thinking for a moment. I am the lord of such a big heart that even 100 marks of my children are forgiven and embraced in a moment. When Dad can’t do that. If he hates his children, then he abandons them for life but does not do what shows the glory of mother.


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