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Review on Women in Modern Poetry

Muna Salah Hasan


Women are an essential element in modern poetry, as poetry is one of the first Arab arts among Arabs. This art has emerged in Arab literary history since ancient times until it became a document through which one can learn about the conditions of Arabs, their culture, their conditions, and their history. As the Arabs tried to distinguish poetry from other different types of speech through the use of poetic weight and rhyme, poetry became for them a balanced speech based on the presence of an appropriate rhyme for its verses. Its rhetorical forms should be followed and adopted with metaphor, simile, and types of body and metonymy in poetic writing. Modern Arabic poetry is Arabic poetry that was written in the modern era. The adjective (modern era) means the time frame in which the features of life are distinguished from previous times. It is therefore the last link in the following time series related to poetry (modern era-renaissance age-decadence age-Abbasid era-Umayyad era-early Islam-pre-Islamic era). 


Keywords: Arabic, modern, poetry, women, writing 

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